See below for a list of features unique to their “Majestic” membership. Since you can control who you see, match with them and chat, that’s about all you need here. As I mentioned earlier, I feel as though the free Feeld membership gives you everything you need.

Users can then choose who they’d like to see and refine their search based on geographical search area, age, relationship type and sexual preferences. The app then presents other users’ profiles to look at. I say this as someone who is routinely highly successful on dating apps. Which, given my current existing partner, is my time limit hit already. Los Angeles has a reputation for being a difficult place to meet people. Then, in late November, 2020, a COVID spike shut the city down.

What does the M mean on Feeld?

Also just like the usual dating apps, chatting felt very familiar. From here you’ll see new Connections across the top and existing conversations in a list. The layout, functionality and features here are identical. That makes sense, of course, given the purpose of the app. For example, I’m very used to seeing “I don’t do hookups” on Tinder and Bumble profiles (then hooking up with them two days later. . . ugh, cultural expectations). On Feeld, on the other hand, some women show themselves in lingerie and state exactly what they’re looking for.

The developer provided this information and may update it over time. Their paid tier (“majestic”) gives you one free ping per day, and having that daily ping refresh and be available to use has, for me, been really spotty. They say they’re working on it, but it’s been a while and it’s still an issue. Hopefully they’ll get that fixed one of these days. Dating apps are a grinder for self-esteem.

This allows you to be curious while protecting your privacy. In order to truly date as a package deal, you have to accept that the most likely outcome is eventually someone will only want to stay in a relationship with one of the other three. Because most relationships don’t last forever and one of these connections is likely to run its course before the others do.

With a Majestic membership, you can enjoy enhanced features such as seeing who liked you on the app, adding private photos visible only to your Connections and more extensive privacy options. While it is set up to be more of a booty call app, there are definitely people using it who want more of a relationship. Almost all of those are single non straight guys .

Poly/ENM crazy between monogamous couples

Trifonov conceived the app after his girlfriend Ana Kirova told him that she had feelings for other people. Once the concept was developed, Trifonov bought a $15 online template to create a holding page and saw immediate demand. The app’s [Feeld’s] openness surrounding sex actually relieves the pressure to hook up, making it potentially the best app for “sex-positive” users. No one except for you will be able to see what genders or sexualities you are looking for.

Not my cup of tea, but some people have more patience for that kind of thing. Back on the dating apps for the first time in years. I was thinking about trying Feeld, since I’ve heard there are more non-monogamous people on there. But I was wondering if people going to look at me like I have three heads if I’m looking for longer term dating.


Or it’s kind of dismissive about my asexuality. Post Covid there’s been a huge influx of married people feeling really restless. Many of the new people here mostly want light and casual too.

Unfortunately, Hinge is only available in app form, with no desktop version in sight. Work, the app makes up for it with its aesthetic and user-friendly interface. Bumble is a great dating app for women , as it sites them egypt charge. Connect, chat, meet and find your humans anywhere in the world with Feeld’s private dating experience.

Met my 2 current partners there, one of whom I just got engaged to. I recommend to all my friends, some have had success finding whatever they were looking for. Everything is different for everyone tho. Under my likes/matches I just see blurry images and if I click them it prompts me to buy the Majestic membership.

If you both like each other, it’s a match, and you can then start chatting to them within the app. All very standard and, honestly, nothing for me to elaborate on further. You’re presented with profiles of people that fit the criteria you’ve defined. You’ll see profile photos you can scroll through and a short bio. Tap the photo to see a larger version, and you select either a heart or a “-” to determine if you’re interested or not. If you’re in a relationship, it also allows you to link your profile to your significant others’ so everyone can see.