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We’ve presented this concept of called Agronomitech as component of our social responsibility and we operate in the community as a social institution and are part of the civil force organizations to know the details Civilforce . We have been working on agricultural reforms since 2005 in rural areas, working with family members of farmers. We have observed that the change needs to come from urban areas , as the rural population always searches for support from the urban areas. Therefore, we're here to remember our roots, to educate and encourage our lives to create a healthier living, clean and healthy society.

  • We believe that agriculture reform is essential in our modern world.
  • The reason why we ought to be concerned about the reforms in agriculture
    Reforms in agriculture are essential to providing food security and improving the safety of food. It is also essential to improve the living conditions of rural people and to create more jobs in rural regions. Increase income and reduce poverty are the objectives to achieve reform agricultural reformation.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions as well as climate changes:
    The importance of agriculture. Greenhouse gas reduction: agricultural sector takes 3 position responsible for world's greenhouse gas emissions. Reduced emissions from agriculture can aid in combating climate change.
  • How do we achieve to the new format?
    We operate both in urban and rural communities, connecting the spaces we have created! We are working with rural communities to change the way we think about cultivation using chemicals! Now we want to work towards Organic or Natural farming! Through a sustainable system which allows farmers to take advantage of modern technology and science, and make improvements to their practices, by becoming, more economically stable and adopting an sustainable methods of farming.
  • We would like to be helpful hand to all who are adamant about the agricultural sector and make it their occupation! We wish to provide them with the right platform by utilizing technology that allows them to provide their services to the society. We are working hard to offer our assistance in achieving any type of agricultural activity to those who are interested and seeking a proper methods of research and technology and are also looking for expert consultants to play their part!
  • The first step in our reform of the agriculture platform. We are looking to bring about an improvement in the urban lifestyle and introduce urban farming. Urban farming could improve the quality of air - by cultivating fruit, vegetables and flowers close to the buildings Urban farms can improve the quality of air in lowering the quantity pollution that is released into the atmosphere.
  • What urban agriculture can do to aid in resolving food insecurity in cities:
    Urban farming is an increasing trend in cities across the world to provide a solution to the problem of food insecurity. It has been proven to be a cost-effective and sustainable method of producing food, reduce waste, while expanding access to healthy food and creating employment. In the case of planting gardens in empty urban spaces urban farming can decrease the number of people dependent on food pantries and soup kitchens. In addition when they sell their produce directly to customers urban farmers can earn a profit that will provide support for their families.
  • Agriculture has long been considered a part of traditional societies, but what if there was a way to improve the values behind agriculture? Agriculture has been long thought of as to be a component of traditional societies However, what if there were an opportunity to create sustainable agriculture that also helped the environment? Sustainable agriculture is an emerging trend that is focusing on creating practices for agriculture that are eco-friendly and financially viable. This type of farming relies on natural processes like soil fertility, rain, and sunlight for the production of food. It has the potential to reduce pollution and conserve resources, making it an attractive option for developing countries. There are technical challenges to be addressed before sustainable agriculture is able to become widespread.
  • The many ways urban agriculture has helped to revitalize cities and neighborhoods In recent times urban agriculture has helped revitalize several urban areas by providing foods that are healthy and inexpensive. Within New York City, for instance, markets for farmers have contributed to the revitalization of areas like the Lower East Side and Union Square and have also provided fresh produce to the residents in Brooklyn as well as Queens. Urban gardens also provide food for the inner cities of Detroit, Cincinnati, and Stockton, CA. The gardens offer jobs as well as educational opportunities for neighborhood young people while providing fresh fruit as well as vegetables for local supermarkets.